Signs You Have A Happy Cat

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It can be challenging to determine whether or not your cat is actually happy. Unlike dogs, cats have a somber, unemotional demeanor, but it doesn’t mean they are unhappy. Several behaviors will indicate that your cat is happy. If you are concerned about your cats’ mood, keep an eye out for these signals.    1. […]

How to Measure Your Pet For A Harness

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Collar Vs Harness?  If you are taking your pet on a leash often, whether it’s for walks or to use the bathroom, a Harness is a safer and more comfortable option. For daily wear, it’s not necessary to keep your pet in a harness, but for leash purposes, they work much more efficiently.    Harnesses […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Cats

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Cats are mysterious and diverse animals. They have a unique way of interacting and communicating with their owners and each other. If you are new to owning a cat, there are a few things you need to know in order to take care of them properly. For instance, they are not like dogs in many […]

What size Intellitag® should I get for my pet?

Pet Notify Intellitag® Size Guide

0.95″ diameter, recommended for pets < 10lbs.

1.10″ diameter, recommended for pets 10-25lbs.

1.25″ diameter, recommended for pets > 25lbs.