How Intellitag® Works

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Purchase Your Intellitag®

Get your pet’s Intellitag® for only $9.95. We offer a variety of sizes as well as a handful of color options!

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Once You Receive Your Tag, Activate, And Choose Your Plan

When you choose the Monitoring Plan with your Intellitag®, you gain access to our Pet Vault®, Pet Alarms, Pet Tasks, and more!

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Pet Parent Completes Intellitag® Lost Pet Instructions

The “Intellitag® lost pet instructions,” located in the Pet Vault®, allow you to provide a pet rescuer with the information necessary to quickly reunite you with your lost pet, should your pet ever go missing.

In The Event You Lose Your Pet…

Pet Rescuer Finds Your Lost Pet

The pet rescuer simply enters your pet’s Intellitag® assigned 8-digit identification number at, through their desktop or mobile device.

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Pet Rescuer Provides Their Contact Information

The pet rescuer receives confirmation with the pet’s photo, and provides their contact information with pickup instructions, which are immediately shared with you.

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Pet Rescuer Receives Intellitag® Lost Pet Instructions

Pet Notify immediately provides the pet rescuer with “Intellitag® lost pet instructions” from your Pet Vault®, and confirmation that the pet parent has been notified.

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Simultaneously, We Alert You That Your Lost Pet Has Been Found

Pet Notify will text, email, and call you with the pet rescuer’s contact information and pickup instructions to prevent lifesaving communications from being missed.

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Back Up Emergency Notifications If You Don’t Respond

Intellitag® will text and email your backup emergency network if you’re unable to respond, ensuring your pet’s safe return home, even when you can’t be there.

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Don’t Put Your Pet At Risk!

“My Pet Never Runs Away.”

Every year more than 10 million pets go missing and over 6 million are killed on roadways in the U.S. alone. Many pets never make it home due to delayed recovery times resulting in fatal injuries, and euthanasia.

“My Pet Has GPS.”

GPS devices are costly and have short battery lives. Additionally, they do not provide your pet’s rescuer with the information to care for your pet or the ability to send automated lost pet communications to you and your emergency network for your pet’s quick and safe return home.

“My Pet Is Chipped.”

While Microchips are a necessary backup to your pet’s tag, why take the risk of exposing your pet to the danger of being fatally
injured while waiting for a good samaritan to transport your pet to a vet or shelter to be scanned. Also, microchips are only successful in reuniting lost pets with their families 52% of the time as they can move on the pet’s body and become undetectable.

"My Pet’s Tag Has My Phone Number.”

While a phone number on your pet’s tag is essential, it does not provide automated pet care and emergency contact instructions to your pet’s rescuer. It also cannot send you
and your backup network an automated phone call, text, and email that your lost pet has been found. Only Intellitag® provides complete pet protection.

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