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The Pet Notify Mission

At Pet Notify, our mission is to help you protect your family. Our passion for companion animals and pet protection runs deep with a longstanding commitment towards animal rescue, protection, and advocacy.

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Peace Of Mind For Every Pet Owner

We realized that both pets and pet parents were suffering avoidable consequences during unforeseen crises. That’s why we created Pet Notify.

Technology Solutions For Unforeseen Crises

Pet Notify offers technology solutions to provide pet parents lifesaving automated communications on behalf of pets when pet parents cannot be there.

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Pet Notify gives your pets a voice when they need it the most. We’re here for your companion animals when you can’t be…we’re here for you.


I think this is an excellent idea and I’m very grateful for PetNotify…. I feel like this is so much more practical that getting your pet microchipped.


Great product. Strong. Durable. Attractive. I ran a test on reporting in case Jangelz was ever lost and found. Results came back in under 60 seconds with easy, precise, and very accurate results. Would most definitely buy another if I had another pet.


I love the tag for my cat! Gives me a peace of mind knowing her info is all in the app and there is an easy way if she is lost to help find her! Love this product so much that I have recommended it to all of my family that has pets.

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