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Pet Vault®

The Pet Vault® is the engine of Pet Notify’s operating system, storing vital information on each pet that is easily accessible by you and sharable with family, friends, and pet-care providers.

Store your pet’s general information, Intellitag® lost pet instructions, emergency backup instructions, microchip number, dietary restrictions, medical and insurance records, care providers, and more.

There is no limit on the number of pets or the amount of information you wish to include in your Pet Vault®. The more information you provide, the better in minimizing the dangerous gap in time if your pet goes missing or a pet alarm is triggered, requiring their immediate care.

Pet Alarms

Pet Alarms enables Pet Notify to automatically reach out to your emergency contacts when you need it. Pet Alarms provides pet-care instructions from your Pet Vault® for the immediate care of your pets. Set your alarm for the maximum time you could ever be away from your pets and we’ll do the rest!

Once you activate your Intellitag® and sign up with your Pet Identification Number, Pet Notify will automatically geofence your home. By geofencing your home, Pet Notify is able to identify if you are away or currently home with your pet and activate the Pet Alarm system.

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Gearing up for an outdoor adventure with your pup?
If you are injured and unable to call for help, we will automatically reach out to your emergency contacts to alert them that you and your pets are stranded on a trail and need immediate assistance with your last known location.

Leaving the house with your pets at home?
If something happens to you and you cannot call for help, Pet Alarms does the dialing for you. We’ll notify your emergency contacts that your pets are stranded at home alone, providing them access to your Pet Vault®, along with your last known location.

Elderly or single and living alone with your pet?
We’ll check in with you daily to confirm you and / or your pets are safe. If you don’t respond, we’ll notify your emergency contacts to let them know you and your pets need help.

PetNotify® Pet Alarms
PetNotify® Pet Tasks

Pet Tasks

Pet Tasks ensure the most important pet responsibilities never fall through the cracks. Tasks allows you to set automatic reminders for yourself and others for the care of your family pets. You can set one-time or recurring tasks and reminders, which are delivered via text and email, to ensure important communications never go missed. We even confirm back with you when the task has been completed!

Whether you are teaching children pet-care responsibility, reminding a family member of a pet appointment, or providing care instructions to your pet sitter or dog walker, Pet Tasks ensures the care you expect and your pets deserve.

Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts are friends and family that Pet Notify automatically communicates with on behalf of the pet parent if they do not respond to lifesaving pet notifications.

Having a backup plan and team in place could mean the difference in survival for your family pets. From Intellitag® lost pet alerts to caring for your pets during an unforeseen emergency, Pet Notify ensures your Trusted Contacts are there to assist you and your pets when you cannot call for help.

PetNotify® Trusted Contacts
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