Frequently Asked Questions

Pet Notify Suite

Who is Pet Notify?

Pet Notify provides automated alarm notifications to a pet parent’s emergency contacts when that pet parent experiences a life event and is unable to communicate for help.  The Pet Notify automated alarm and notification technology is not reliant on user or third party action to inform family and friends that the pet parent is injured or missing, while simultaneously ensuring the immediate care of companion animals.  Pet Notify is the voice for pets and pet parents.

Where can I sign up for Pet Notify?

You can sign up for Pet Notify through our website at

How does Pet Notify work?

Pet Notify uses the personal, companion animal, and Trusted Contact information provided by the primary user to automate emergency notifications and pet care responsibilities to friends and family.

How is Pet Notify different from other alarm and pet management technologies?

Pet Notify is the most comprehensive pet management system in the world.  It is the only technology available with built in automated alarms and notifications protecting companion animals and their humans in the event of an emergency.  Pet Notify also manages family tasks, appointments, and reminders associated with the care of every household pet.

Who can use Pet Notify?

Pet Notify is for anyone who wants to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of their companion animals, as well as ensure their own safety if an unknown life event were to occur.

Is Pet Notify just for pets?

Pet Notify is designed for the safety and protection of both pet parents and their companion animals.  Pet Notify is the voice for pets and people when neither are able to call for help.

Is there any equipment to purchase or activate?

You simply download the Pet Notify application from the Pet Notify website to activate your service. You do not need to purchase any additional equipment.

Does Pet Notify need a Wi-Fi connection?

Pet Notify operates with either Wi-Fi or cellular service.

Is there a limit to the number of pets I can protect using Pet Notify?

The number of pets you can store within your Pet Vault® is unlimited, however, if you are purchasing a Intellitag®, each pet will need their own tag in order to be individually protected and differentiated from one another.

Who is the primary user?

The primary user is the individual who subscribes to Pet Notify and manages all Pet Alarms and notifications on behalf of the household.

Who can access Pet Notify?

Only the primary user can access and use the Pet Notify functions.  However, there is no limit to the number of contacts that the primary user can invite to receive notifications from Pet Notify.  However, contacts listed in the primary user’s account will only receive emergency or task SMS notifications, and cannot access or use Pet Notify features within the primary user’s application such as assigning tasks or setting their own alarm.

Can other household members download their own Pet Notify subscription?

There can only be one username and password associated to your Pet Notify account, however, you can share this information with anyone you’d like. Doing so will give other household members full access and user rights to your account. If you do not wish to share your account with other household members they must create their own Pet Notify account, which will allow them to establish their own alarms, contacts, and account preferences.  It is acceptable for two different users to have overlapping contact lists.

Does Pet Notify track or share my location?

We do not track or share your location with others.  However, for the primary user’s safety and protection, Pet Notify will re-verify and update the primary user’s location every hour from the time an alarm is set.  Only your last known location is shared, and only with your trusted contacts.  Without this function, Pet Notify emergency alarms would not be as effective, as your location being known may be what saves your and your companion animal’s lives.

Will Pet Notify share my personal information?

Pet Notify does not share your personal information with third parties.  However, we do share your last known location with your Trusted Contacts and provide secure access to your Pet Vault® for the care of your companion animals when an emergency occurs and the Pet Alarm is triggered.

Pet Vault®

What is the Pet Vault®?

The Pet Vault® is a secure place to store all vital information and care instructions for each household pet.  Any information in the Pet Vault can be shared with your pet service providers, as well as your Trusted Contacts, when you are unable to be there for your companion animals.

How does the Pet Vault® work?

The Pet Vault® stores companion animal information, documents, and care instructions for each pet in the household.  The information entered is readily accessible and easily shareable.  For ease of organization, each companion animal has its own vault.

Are there limitations to the number of pets that I can add to the Pet Vault®?

There are no restrictions on the number of companion animals a user can add to the Pet Vault® or limits to document storage.

Why is it important to store my pet’s information in the Pet Vault®?

Every piece of information in the Pet Vault® is there to ensure that your Trusted Contacts have everything they need to safely access your home and care for your companion animals in the event of an emergency.  The pet care information you include provides your emergency contacts with the necessary guidance to care for each pet in your household.  This is not an area to hold back; the more details, the better.

What information should I include in the Pet Vault®?

Pet information, such as a photo, name, breed, dietary preferences and restrictions, medical records, allergies, estate planning documents such as pet trusts, third party service providers, and notes regarding important care instructions should be included. Pet Notify does not require or control the amount of information you provide. However, the primary user is encouraged to include any information relevant for the health and safety of the household companion animals.

How do I upload important documents associated with each pet?

Any documents stored on your devices can be uploaded into the “Documents” section of each Pet Vault® using the web or mobile version of the application.


What is the Intellitag®?

Intellitag® is a smart pet tag that quickly reunites lost pets with their pet parents through automated information and pet-care exchange with your pet’s rescuer. Simultaneous phone, email, and text alerts are sent to you and your emergency contact back-up network, ensuring your pet’s quick and safe return home.

How does the Intellitag® work?

Every Intellitag® is engraved with your pet’s name, a unique 8-digit ID number, and a simple website URL, When someone finds your lost pet, they go to where they are guided to enter your pet’s name, their Intellitag® 8-digit ID, and any instructions they want to forward to you. Pet Notify then immediately phones, texts, and emails you with the information you need to fetch your pet. Simultaneously, we show your lost pet’s rescuer any special lost pet instructions provided by you, which are stored in your pet’s vault to ensure the rescuer has everything they need to care for your pet until you arrive. If you don’t respond to our lost pet notifications in 15 minutes, we message your emergency contact backup network and ask for their help to retrieve your lost pet.

How does the pricing work?

An Intellitag® for every household pet is included in Pet Notify’s monthly or annual plan. One Pet Notify subscription will let you power as many Intellitags® as you want and your subscription price will not increase if you add Intellitags® for additional household pets.

Do I need to subscribe to Pet Notify in order to use Intellitag®?

Yes. Pet Notify powers the Intellitags® pet protection features. So, If you want to use Intellitag® and access all of the built in pet protection tools you must subscribe to our monthly or annual plan.

Should I include my phone number on my Intellitag®?

You may choose to engrave your pet’s Intellitag® with or without your phone number. We designed your Intellitag® to work without it if personal privacy is important to you. Regardless, when your lost pet is found Intellitag® will call, email, and text you with the pet rescuer’s name and your pets pickup instructions.

Does Intellitag® track my pet’s location?

Intellitag® does not track and share your personal or pet’s location. Instead, Intellitag® allows your pet’s rescuer to automatically share their current location with you when your lost pet is found. Simultaneously, our automated system sends you a phone, email, and text notification and will then reach out to your Trusted Contacts if you do not respond.

Do I need to charge my Intellitag®?

Intellitag® does not use any battery dependent technology so you never need to charge or remove your pet’s Intellitag®.

How do I activate my Intellitag®?

Your Intellitag® arrives pre-activated and comes with instructions to fully set-it up. The most important things are to make sure that you include lost pet instructions in your Pet Vault® and invite at least 1 Trusted Contact.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, your Intellitag® comes with a money-back guarantee. We want to make sure that you love Intellitag®, so we offer a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied. Just put your Intellitag® in its original packaging, and ship everything back to us within 60 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase. Ship all returned items to Pet Notify 1100 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 8A #551, Bellevue WA 98004. A credit will be issued to the card used to purchase your Intellitag® or directly through your e-commerce account within 3-5 days of receipt.

Does Intellitag® have a warranty?

Yes! If for any reason your Intellitag® is lost, worn, or damaged, Pet Notify will replace it at no charge for the life of your pet providing you have an active Pet Notify Premium account. Issuing a replacement Intellitag® will deactivate your pet’s old Intellitag® ID and automatically update your pet’s new Intellitag® ID number in our system. The new Intellitag® ID can then be immediately viewed in your Pet Vault®. To claim your warranty contact us at with your request, and we will issue you a new Intellitag® within 5-7 business days.

Trusted Contacts

What is a Trusted Contact?

A “Contact” is an individual who the primary user chooses to receive emergency notifications, tasks, and assignments from Pet Notify.  There are two types of contacts in Pet Notify: (1) “Emergency Contacts,” and (2) “Other Contacts.” 

What is an emergency contact?

Emergency contacts are contacts whom the primary user trusts to respond to a Pet Notify SMS or email alarm emergency notification for the safety of you and your companion animals.  An emergency contact can be any one or all of your designated contacts.  Pet Notify requires that you have at least one emergency contact, though we recommend having at least three.

How do my emergency contacts access the Pet Vault?

In the event of an emergency, your emergency contacts will receive an SMS notification.  Pet Notify will send a secure PIN to whichever contact first responds to the notification and accepts responsibility.  This secure PIN provides access to your Pet Vault® and last known location.

How do I add contacts?

To add a contact, you must have the contact’s name and email. Pet Notify automatically sends new contacts an invite email once you enter their informration.

How does Pet Notify validate the identity of my contacts?

Upon the primary user entering the emergency contact names into Pet Notify, the desired emergency contacts will receive an invite email from Pet Notify stating that the primary would like to add them as an emergency contact.  The contact then has the choice to accept or decline the invite. 

Pet Tasks & Appointments

Who can add Pet Tasks and appointments?

Only the primary user can assign and delete Pet Tasks or appointments.

What are Pet Tasks?

Pet Tasks are pet-care assignments (i.e. reminding a partner to pick up pets at daycare or the kids to walk the dog) that the primary user can assign to any contact.  Pet Notify manages and sends all notifications to contacts regarding Pet Tasks, while reporting back to the primary user as to whether the assigned Pet Task has been completed.  Pet Tasks can be assigned as a single event or be automated to repeat on a daily or weekly basis.

Who can be assigned Pet Tasks?

Any Trusted Contact with a cell phone capable of receiving an SMS message.

What are appointments?

Appointments are pet-related events (i.e. a veterinary, grooming, daycare) set by the primary user, offering scheduling options and reminders.  The primary user can assign an appointment reminder to themselves or to other contacts.  Pet Notify will update the primary user when the contact assigned to the appointment completes the Pet Task.

How do Pet Tasks automate communications with family members?

Pet Tasks can be set to occur just once or to repeat at fixed intervals.  The primary user can assign tasks to any contacts who will automatically receive SMS notifications at whatever interval the primary user chooses (i.e. daily or weekly).

How do I assign a Pet Task or appointments?

Under the “Tasks and Appointments” section of the Pet Notify app, simply create a new task or an appointment and then select your desired responsible contact.  Pet Notify will automatically manage the reminder messages associated with each assignment and will report back to the primary user when the task or appointment is completed.

Pet Alarms

What are my Pet Alarm activation options?

You can select either the “Automatic based on location” or “Daily check-in time” based alarm.  The “Automatic based on location” alarm allows you to set the maximum time you would ever want to be away from your pets.  It requires a one-time set-up and uses your cell phone location in conjunction with the location where your companion animals (and you) reside as its activation criteria.  When you leave your home, the alarm automatically activates.  When you return home, the alarm deactivates and resets for the following departure from your home.

The “Daily check-in time” alarm, while requiring more user interaction, provides optimum flexibility as well as added protection, as it allows the primary user to establish an automated Pet Notify check-in time and also covers emergencies that may occur within the home.  Pet Notify will check in with the primary user based on the set alarm time to confirm the user and companion animals are safe, allowing for a one-hour response grace period.  If the primary user responds to Pet Notify as “Safe,” the Pet Notify alarm resets.  This could be a one-time per day check-in or a check-in for shorter time intervals, such as when you expect to be home from a hike.

How do I set my Pet Alarm?

Go to the alarms section of the Pet Notify app and follow the instructions.

What happens when a Pet Alarm is triggered?

The primary user receives a one-hour grace period between the time an alarm is triggered and when Pet Notify will begin to alert the user’s emergency contacts.  During the grace period, Pet Notify will attempt to contact the primary user through in-app notifications as well as via email in the case that a user’s phone is lost, damaged, or turned off.  

If the one-hour grace period passes without a response from the primary user, the Pet Alarm is triggered and begins notifying the user’s emergency contacts in sequential order via SMS and email.  Pet Notify will give each emergency contact 30 minutes to respond before moving on to the next emergency contact.  Pet Notify will send the responding emergency contact the primary user’s last known location and secure access to the primary users Pet Vault for the immediate care of the companion animals.

SOS Emergency Notifications

How does SOS functionality work?

The “SOS” button is located in the top right-hand corner of the Pet Notify “Alarms” page.  The primary user can self-trigger an SOS alarm when an emergency occurs to simultaneously inform all emergency contacts via SMS and email that the user needs help.

As soon as an emergency contact responds and accepts responsibility, Pet Notify will respond to the emergency contact via SMS message and provide the primary user’s last known location as well as secure access to the primary user’s Pet Vault for the immediate care of companion animals.  Emergency contacts who initially failed to respond will receive an SMS message containing the name and contact information of the person who agreed to take responsibility.  This allows all emergency contacts to collaborate in assisting the primary user’s emergency and promptly tend to the needs of the pets.

When should I use SOS?

The “SOS” button is located in the top right-hand corner of the Pet Notify “Alarms” page.  The primary user can self-trigger an SOS alarm when an emergency occurs to simultaneously inform all emergency contacts via SMS and email that the user needs help.

SOS is best suited when an emergency occurs and the primary user is able to manually press a button, which will notify the emergency contacts that the user and the companion animals are in need of immediate assistance.

Subscription & Billing

What is the monthly and annual subscription price?

The Pet Notify subscription price is $2.99 per month or, if prepaid for a year, $19.95 annually ($1.66 month), which includes Intellitag lost pet monitoring and messaging for unlimited household pets. The annual subscription is a 45% discount over the monthly subscription price. You may cancel your Pet Notify subscription from our web site or your mobile device at any time without any additional fees or penalties.  Prepaid months or annual prepaid subscriptions are not prorated or refundable.

What is included in Pet Notify free subscription?

Pet Notify free subscription includes unlimited access to the Pet Vault®, Pet Alarms, Pet Tasks and Trusted Contacts. You may upgrade to premium through your pet vault at any time, which includes Intellitag® lost pet protection starting at $2.99 month for unlimited household pets.

Am I required to sign a long-term contract?

No long-term contract is required.  Choose either the monthly or annual subscription plan, both of which can be canceled at any time.  There are no refunds or credits at the time of cancellation if canceled mid-month for monthly plans or mid-year for annual plans.

Are family members required to have a Pet Notify subscription?

Only one primary member of the household needs to have a Pet Notify subscription for all household pets to have protection.  The primary user can also add unlimited trusted contacts for alarm notifications and task or appointment assignments.  Only the primary subscriber can use the alarm feature and control the family management tools.  If multiple household members wish to use the Pet Alarms, Pet Tasks, and other features, then each must have their own Pet Notify subscription.

Can I share my primary user rights with other household members?

Each subscription to Pet Notify allows only one primary user.  Primary users cannot share their user rights with other household members.  However, there is no limitation to the number of primary users that can reside in one household.  Each primary user in a given household would have the capability to set their own alarms, establish contacts, and assign tasks or appointments.

What is the cancellation policy?

You may cancel Pet Notify at any time without penalty either through the Pet Notify web app or your mobile device. There are no partial refunds or credits.

Can I reactivate a terminated account?

Users who cancel their premium subscriptions are automatically downgraded to Pet Notify’s free subscription plan unless you choose to “delete your account”. Deleted accounts cannot be reactivated, however, it is acceptable to establish a new user account at any time.

Is Pet Notify available outside of the U.S.?

Pet Notify is only available to users located in the United States and Canada at this time.


Does Pet Notify offer any affiliate or partner programs?

Yes, please email us to learn more.


Does Pet Notify track or share my location?

We do not track or share your driving route or location with unknown third parties.  However, for the primary user’s safety and protection, and to facilitate the reunion of pets and their humans, Pet Notify will provide the primary user’s last known location when an alarm is triggered and the primary user does not respond.  At this point, Pet Notify will share the primary user’s last known location with their trusted emergency contacts.

Will Pet Notify share my personal information?

Pet Notify does not share your personal information with third parties.  However, we do provide the user’s last known location and access to the Pet Vault, which is only shared with the users trusted emergency contacts when a Pet Alarm is triggered, and the primary user fails to respond.


For customer support, please use the “Help” chat option, which you can access in the mobile or web version of the app. You can also email questions to

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