Signs You Have A Happy Cat

It can be challenging to determine whether or not your cat is actually happy. Unlike dogs, cats have a somber, unemotional demeanor, but it doesn’t mean they are unhappy. Several behaviors will indicate that your cat is happy. If you are concerned about your cats’ mood, keep an eye out for these signals. 


1. Purring 

Purring is the most common signal that we can associate with a happy cat. A cat will purr when they are content, comfortable, and in a relaxed environment. If your cat purrs often, you know that they are happy. 


2. Kneading (making biscuits) 

Cats ‘knead’ or make biscuits on a soft surface or blanket because it reminds them of the feeling of kneading on their mother. This action is said to be a clear sign that a cat is extremely happy. Often accompanied by purring, cats tend to knead near their owner as well if they remind them of their mother. 


3. Friendly or Curious Attitude 

Happy cats are usually curious. If your cat shows interest in what you are doing, or tries to investigate things you may be organizing or unboxing, that is a good sign of happiness. If your cat were unhappy, it would probably have no interest in anything you’re doing. 


4. Playfulness 

If your cat engages in play with you or any of their toys, that is another positive sign of happiness. 


5. Grooming 

Happy cats will spend plenty of time grooming themselves. Cats typically spend ⅓ of their time awake grooming, so if your cat is not cleaning themselves, pay close attention to their other habits as well. 


6. Eating/ Using their litter box 

If your cat is happy they will do normal daily activities like eating and using their litter box. If for some reason they are not doing one or both of these things, look into the issue to determine if it’s mood-related. 


7. Meowing 

Chatty cats are not necessarily unhappy. If your cat is meowing at you, they are most likely trying to tell you something, or they are just seeking your attention. Meowing in general is a positive sign in your cat. 


8. Slow blinks 

One of the most endearing forms of communication that cats use is the ‘slow blink’. If you catch your cat staring at you and giving you a slow blink, they are showing you happiness and love. They feel as though they can trust you and this is how they communicate it. 



Cats are independent creatures who don’t require much to be content. If you notice a change in their behavior, assess whether or not they are showing any of the signs above. Keep in mind that every pet is different and has its own personality. Ensure that your cat has the basic needs with Petnotify, and they will be happy.

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