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While microchipping your pet is essential, it still requires your pet to be transported to a vet or shelter where their chip can be scanned. Help them find their way home faster with Pet Notify Intellitag®! A smart pet ID tag that instantly connects you with your pet’s rescuer providing customizable contact information, pet-care instructions, and your pet’s home location. Subscription Required: $1.66 per month/paid annually. One plan monitors unlimited household pet Intellitags® and includes a FREE annual replacement Intellitag® for every pet. 30-day money-back guarantee. Cancel anytime. The monitoring area is only offered in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. ALL TAGS ARE MADE WITH STAINLESS STEEL.

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What size Intellitag® should I get for my pet?

Pet Notify Intellitag® Size Guide

0.95″ diameter, recommended for pets < 10lbs.

1.10″ diameter, recommended for pets 10-25lbs.

1.25″ diameter, recommended for pets > 25lbs.